UT Permian Basin - Accelerated MBA?

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by dingo, Aug 14, 2020.

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    Thanks for posting. Its price is alright.. but I think UoT Permian Basin is not a very popular school. I've heard about UoT Austin though.
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    Hi, Dingo. Welcome.

    I don't have any personal experience with it. But it's come up several times on the board. It's one of the least expensive AACSB accredited business programs out there and I don't recall anyone saying anything bad about it.

    See this 2018 post by 'Nemo' who wrote:

    "I have a degree from UTPB and can say it was well-earned. The faculty is very involved (for the most part) and the value ratio was second-to-none. For a regionally accredited institution, the tuition can't be beat.

    On a side note, I have found most people just see "University of Texas" and forget the rest. I have never shied away that my campus in the UT system was in Odessa, at Permian Basin, but most people see UT all as one place."


    I'll add that while just geographically the "Permian Basin" region sounds obscure and remote to many ears, many people in the business world will have heard of it. It's huge in the domestic oil and gas industry. So that association might add a bit of luster to the school's name.
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    I will add to this. Living in Texas (as I do) folks definitely know about UT Permian Basin. I totally agree AACSB, great tuition, and linkage to the UT system brand -- a great combination.

    This is a blurb on their homepage "The University of Texas Permian Basin offers a modern, affordable education deep in the heart of the most economically important region on the planet, not to brag or anything." lol.
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    Oh, my. Midland/Odessa Texas. I lived for a while in Hobbs, New Mexico which is the New Mexican Oil Capital of the Permian Basin, aka the "Oil Patch". The nearest commercial airport was Midland International, about an hour and a half east of Hobbs. Flat scrub full of pump jacks and methane flares and the all-pervasive "smell of money". Do this degree in residence if you can. It's an amazing cultural experience.

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