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  1. sideman

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    I wanted to get the board's opinion on these universities. I know that UT-Austin and Texas A & M are the schools of choice here in the Lone Star state. And I'm also aware that UT-Austin has a certain cachet over the entire UT system. I just wanted to hear others opinions in regards to employability, credibility, etc. for graduates of UT-Austin vs. UT-San Antonio for example. What do you think?
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    As you know UTSA (founded 1969) is one of the eight academic and six health institution members that make up the UT System https://www.utsystem.edu/institutions. Nonetheless and IMO, the UTSA brand recognition /institutional reputation would not be generally considered as a comparable alternative to the UT-Austin flagship university in correlation to brand, history and/or tradition. Same analogy as to my two Texas A & M University System Alma mater (West Texas and Prairie View) in comparison to the flagship TAMU-College Station campus Universities...
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    I would too note (e.g., et al.) together with UT-Dallas, UTEP, UTA, UTPB, UTT, UTRGV would additionally fall pretty much within like categories when comparing their individual brand recognition /academic reputations with UT-Austin. Some will generally be considered as somewhat better than others, even so; none of the above institutions will equate to be nearly the same as the flagship university in Austin, Texas.
  4. novadar

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    I don't know that UT-Austin graduates enjoy a significant boost from their alma mater in most occupations within the State of Texas. I live in San Antonio and not surprisingly there are a lot of UTSA alumni. Many of the mid and upper level IT professionals I know either graduated from UTSA, Trinity or Incarnate Word. Yes of course there are Longhorns all around but it frankly is not that big of deal. In Houston the tide shifts to Univ of Houston Grads and Texas A&M College Station. With U of H probably having larger numbers again due to geography.

    All of the UT and T A&M system schools are credible and where a particular degree is needed to fill a job will provide what is necessary. There are intangibles people speak of all the time, networking, campus experience, etc those sometimes make a difference but I venture to say that many times they really don't make a difference.

    My refrain is to attend the best possible school you can aligned with your goals and finances. If you can afford UT-Austin the definitely go there if admitted. But there is no shame in UTSA, UT Pan America, UT Dallas, UT ......
  5. novadar

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    I had no idea UT Pan American merged with UT Brownsville to create UT Rio Grande Valley. Cool. The new institution even has a Medical School to open in 2016! Wow.
  6. major56

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    The shame factor (in that such shouldn’t exist) was not a point in my responses to the OP…

    In that you live in SA … it’s no surprise that the city has an ample share of UTSA alums. I would differ though with your impression that the UT-Austin alumnus memberships do not necessarily make a difference. Per my observations re UT-Austin alumni network—a largely better-quality, better-organized, and better-funding within a far-reaching alumni organization…
  7. sanantone

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    Not only is UT-Dallas nationally-ranked and has some individual schools/programs that are highly-ranked, but I've gotten the impression that many Texans know that it's the second best school in the UT System. However, it's not on the level of UT-Austin.
  8. novadar

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    But my point is that an alumni network really does very little to help you get a job. It comes down to the decision of a hiring manager. If they happen to be a graduate of the same school as you, a veteran like you, a saxophone player like you, I could go on and on you MIGHT benefit.

    I curious what the "funding" of an alumni organization benefits: better tailgating, better monthly magazines?

    In the end does that really matter that much.

    My Virginia Tech Alumni Association is great but when I lived and worked in Northern Virginia/DC it provided me ZERO, NADA utility.

    As you as see my impression is that going to a school simply for the alumni benefits is not a "best practice"
  9. major56

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    My response to better-funding was basically in reference to certain alumnus prominence (movers/shakers) power /influence vs actual university fiscal allocations toward alumni relations. What the alums in positions of power and/or influence can do for the individual are both tangible and intangible network assets. In Texas, Both UT-Austin and TAMU-College Station are in my experience unequaled in these categories. I’d actually give Aggies a slight edge though (almost cultlike)…
  10. novadar

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    That makes sense to me. I just have never seen or heard of an actual case where being a particular alumni was "the reason" for an opportunity.

    Your comment on Aggies is 100% spot on and the term you used is frighteningly accurate. I won't repeat it lest a neighbor or 6 come breaking down my door with Reveille in tow and scream some chant like "Fifteen for Team , Farmers Fight, Call it a Night".

    Yells | Texas Aggie Yell Leaders

    You can't make this stuff up.

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