1. BananRama

    BananRama New Member

    I am preparing for USMLE examinations. Anyone has any advice or suggestion relating to it will be highly appreciated.
  2. dl_mba

    dl_mba Member

    USMLE Braindumps are available all over the internet. Thats how most of the "Island" educated Doctors pass it. I have one in our family... thats how i know.
  3. david22

    david22 New Member

    It is much better to study 2 hour every day for the next 60 days, then trying to study 12 hours a day in just the last week before the exam. Nobody will ever ask you about your Pathology or Pharmacology grades you got in med school (but make sure you pass…). Make the USMLE your top priority. Now!
  4. sonalichauhan993

    sonalichauhan993 New Member

    you can preparation of your examination by internet.

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