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    Sueelaine and Randall are referring to the letter from NCU that indicates the student has achieved "All But Dissertation" status (ABD), which is a term not unfamiliar in academia.

    Personally, unless the school system has a distinction such as ABD, etc. I would not call myself a candidate. For example, my proposal was accepted by UFS a year ago, my title was registered, and I am working on my dissertation. UFS call us "students," so that is what I am. If anyone asks, I just indicate that I am "working on my dissertation."
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    At UF, when you pass your comps, you become a "candidate", and your registration code changes from an "8XX" to a "9XX." XX being the code for whatever department you are in. "Candidate" became your official student status. The term is used more for tracking purposes, and only other people in academia would really understand the ever so slight difference. I think I updated my degreeinfo signature when I became a 9, and other than at the registrar's office was about the only time I ever used the term.

    The general public mostly considers "student" and "candidate" to be interchangeable, i.e., nobody cares. As far as the ethical standpoint is concerned, the main problem I see is when people who have completely dropped out (at the student or the candidate phase), have no plans to finish, and goes around telling everybody they are a PhD Candidate/Student.

    If you are no longer enrolled in the program, you are no longer a student or candidate of that program anymore. Some people think it is a title they earned for life.

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