Using a (paid) Graduate Assistant for online tasks

Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by graymatter, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. graymatter

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    I have a Graduate Assistant for B&M position. GA is very competent and has taken graduate online classes elsewhere.

    Can I have the GA (for extra money) complete some of the more "unimportant" tasks for online schools? I spend hours a day posting announcements, marking comments as substantive, posting attendance, etc. What think ye if I have my GA do these tasks? The actual grading and discussion comments would be mine - I'm not talking about outsourcing the content - just the posting.

  2. GeneralSnus

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    I think you should consult your B&M school's HR department first to ensure they are amenable to such an arrangement. Even though the work would be for pay, the GA could conceivably complain to the school that he or she felt unduly pressured to accept the work due to the inherent power differential in your relationship. You could probably hire a well-educated English speaker in another country to perform the work as your virtual assistant at the same rate or cheaper. You might even find a U.S.-based VA willing to pick up an hour or two per day for the same that you would pay your GA.
  3. graymatter

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    Right. I imagine that those won't be barriers. The concern is that the GA would have to log in using my user name and password. I trust the GA but I'm somewhat cautious that the (online) universities would be upset and terminate my contracts.
  4. SteveFoerster

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    ...and rightly so. At the very least, it sounds like a FERPA violation.

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