US History 1 vs. American Gov't CLEP?

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    Hi all!
    I need to take a CLEP in order to get my AA, and it's looking like it's going to be between the US History 1 (Early civilization-1877) test or the American Government test. I'm currently a Junior in college and I took US History Honors last maybe in Junior year of HS and I took AP American Government in my senior year of HS. I was thinking about taking the Am. Gov't test, but I read online that the History one is a lot easier. Which one should I take? I have about two weeks (if that) to study and take it and I NEED to pass!!!!! Please help! And any advice/tips on either test would be greatly appreciated! :)
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    This and that on the Internet
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    I took American Government in my day (eight years ago or so) and it was a breeze.

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