US Government Job Acceptance of DL DETC Accredited Schools

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    Background checks now include credit and financial checks as well as the usual military, criminal, etc...

    take a look at the SF 86 for an idea of the depth:

    They will contact persons you list as well as others you don't. And the process can take a while as there is a backlog due to the need for better scrutiny of applicants.
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    It is against federal law to discriminate based upon age, however some agencies have lawful age limitations due to the nature of the work. Short answer, check with the agency you are applying to before submission.
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    Thank you for the information. I did look into the fact that CCU was not accredited by the accrediting bodies recognized by the federal government at one time.

    They have been working to become more mainstream and have been accredited by DETC for quite a while.

    You are right, I will probably have to face questions on my degree.

    I fell that CCU has taken a giant step in the right direction.

    One other point of interest, stated earlier, RA Excelsior College accepts a limited amount of transfer courses from CCU.

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    Hey Jim (proracer),

    I stumbled on this old thread just now. How is the fed job search going?

    Abner :)
  5. proracer

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    It is on the back shelf for now. I have settled into my old job....again.

    I am spending more time with my grandsons (3).

    Thank you for asking....

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    Yes they do..
  7. Abner

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    Good to hear from you again Jim!!!!!!!! Hey you are working, you have a great degree under you belt, and you are enjoying you grandchildren. Good for you!!!!!!!

    Abner :)
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    Advancing has nothing to do with ra na

    i know a handful of veterans who bust there tail and advance to higher level supervisor, administrator position with just n/a degrees...
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    Dr. Rene
    That is an excellent piece of advise. So many do not realize how much the federal government supports higher education while assisting with tuition reimbursements...
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    DETC degrees accepted for employment by Kinds of employers

    Dr RD

    DETC degrees accepted for employment by Kinds of employers:
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    I actually have seen civilian federal jobs that require a regionally accredited degree. I'll see if I can dig one up, but it really stood out to me because there is usually only the standard line about a degree from an accrediting organization recognized by the USDOE.
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    I think I seen something about this as well. I can add - usually as there are exceptions. I also seen DETC DBA as faculty in one of the online universities, not sure if DBA was required for the position as Masters was from NCU.

    Federal government (civilian)--yes, usually
    Military--yes, usually
    State and local governments--lots of them, yes
    Private (commercial and not-for-profit)--hit-and-miss; I suspect more hits
    Academia (administrative)--hit-and-miss; I suspect more misses
    Academia (faculty)--almost always no

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