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    I am trying to apply for MSIT program at American Public University. Since my Bachelor's was not in IT, I need to either:
    • - Complete their Undergraduate Certificate ($4,500), or
    • - Have 6 Upper level (300-400) credits in IT field

    Can some body suggest where and how I can take upper-level IT credits online and cheaper than their certificate?
    keep in mind they do accept NA credits too.
  2. jam937

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    According to APU the DSST Mgmt Info Systems is 3 upper level
    APUS/DSST Exam Equivalents

    You could try to test out of the Thomas Edison CMP-354-TE Network Tech course
    Thomas Edison State College: Course Offerings

    They also accept ACE and IT certificates
    - Microsoft exam 659 server virtualization is worth 2 upper level credits
    What's Accepted-Undergraduate

    Java Server Pages is worth 3 lower or upper level (check with APU if they can be used as upper)
    JavaOnline.org: College Credit Recommendations: National CCRS

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