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  1. dannyasingh

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    I received a degree audit from Excelsior College saying I need 21 upper level business credits.

    I did research and found these DSST exams give upper level credit.
    Money and Banking
    Business Law II
    Principles of Finance
    Management Information Systems

    Instead of taking the DSST exams, if I take the classes at a regionally accredited institute, can I earn upper level credits? For example, instead of taking DSST exam Money and Banking, if I pass a 3 credits class Money and Banking then can I get upper level credits?

    I am asking this because I usually do much better in classrooms than exams.

    If anyone has taken business courses and earned upper level credits at Excelsior (transferring in the credits) then please list the courses and at what institute you took the course.

    Thank you so much.
  2. SteveFoerster

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    Sure, although you'll want to make sure that the course code for the courses you take are in the 300's or 400's. Excelsior offers some wiggle room on that, but you don't want to take risks with this. In fact, best to clear them in advance with Excelsior if they'll let you.

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