Update on teaching at my local CC with a DETC masters

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  1. Ruble

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    Good news!

    I was told today I would be able to teach at the local CC with my MBA from CSU.

    After waiting for some time, apparently for reserach or phone calls to be made, I was told yes by phone and then pointed to this policy:

    Subject: FACULTY CREDENTIALS It is the policy of the College only to employ faculty whose credentials comply with Tennessee Board of Regents guidelines and the SACS Criteria for Accreditation. Qualifications: The qualifications for teaching full-time or part-time at the College are the same for all credit courses and those offered through distance learning activities. Academic degrees presented for credentialing will generally be awarded from regionally accredited institutions. In the event that the faculty member is a graduate of a non-regionally accredited or an institution outside the United States, a further review of credentials will be conducted to ensure appropriate academic preparation. The general SACS criteria for teaching transfer courses at the collegiate level are:
    1. Possession of a valid master's degree with a major in the teaching field;
    2. Possession of a valid master's degree in any area with at least 18 graduate hours in the teaching field.

    The great thing about my local CC is that it is in a very rural area and their are very few or no individuals qualified (or willing) to teach. After speaking to the Chair of the department I feel my chances are very good.
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  2. Vinipink

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    Good for you!
  3. cookderosa

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    Hey! That IS good news!!!
  4. Abner

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    Excellent!!!! Good news indeed.

    Abner :)
  5. raristud

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    Congratulations and nice job tip :)
  6. c.novick

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    Congratulations! Some positive news today.


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