Update from me: Grenoble and beyond.....

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Han, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Denver

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    Feel free to PM me. I will be happy to answer questions.

  2. Han

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    For anybody who says a DL program (reputable, AACSB school that is) can't get you into a Tenure Track position at a B&M AACSB school is mistaken :)

    That is my update :)
  3. AV8R

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    Excellent report....congratulations!
  4. mbaonline

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    Well done!
  5. Mandalay

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    Nov 2009 Intake

    Han (and others)
    I have been accepted and will begin with this Nov Grenoble workshop. I haven't signed the dotted line yet and just wanted candid feedback from you. Was it worth it? Are you now associated with a University?
  6. Jayzee

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    Mandalay, as you can see from one of the posts, Han actually teaches at a University after graduating from the Grenoble DBA Program. Grenoble is very good, there is no doubt. Grenoble is also one of the only 34 Business schools of the world to hold a triple accreditation. So bottom line, if you can afford it, go for it.
  7. Denver

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    Many of the Grenoble DBA graduates are in tenure track positions at AACSB schools. In addition to the DBA, Grenoble, (along with University of Florida, University of Toledo, Tulane University and Virginia Polytechnic) was also chosen by AACSB to represent the AACSB post-doctoral Bridge program, which is designed to reduce the shortage of business faculty in critical areas. The AACSB link for this program is here http://www.aacsb.edu/Resource_Centers/doctoraledu/PhD-Bridge/PressRelease.asp

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  8. Scott Henley

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    Grenoble is a great business school with a great reputation. A doctoral degree from Grenoble is an excellent qualification. You shouldn't have any problems.
  9. Han

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    Yes, totally worth it - yes, an AACSB school in the US.

    I responded to your PM, hope it helps. Best of luck!
  10. Han

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    Yes and no. Make sure to "dress up" the CV. Most smaller US universities did not even know of Grenoble, so I put, as a part of my CV their triple crown, and noted AACSB, then I had no issues, but interview after interview it came up - ethnocentric Americans believe if they haven't heard of the school, it must be a fly-by-night...... :)
  11. Scott Henley

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    I guess I was referring from a Canadian perspective. But certainly mention the AACSB accreditation on the CV!
  12. Mandalay

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    Grenoble is at the World MBA Tour this fall. So, it is heartening to see that the school is positioning itself with high level peers and its DBA certainly will get even more credibility.
    BTW, thanks to all for your positive feedback, esp Han. I've officially accepted (signed the papers) to join the DBA program starting this Nov.
  13. Scott Henley

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    Congratulations! You certainly picked one of the best business schools in the world! The DBA seems like a great external/residential program.
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    Welcome, Mandalay.
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    More Grenoble DBA Questions

    Hi Han,

    Congratulations on earning the Grenoble DBA and getting a tenure track position at an AACSB business school! That is truly great news! :)

    A little about myself ... I am a Canadian Chartered Accountant (CA) who is the Controller for a manufacturing company and I also teach part-time at the post-secondary level. Because of my varied teaching experiences, I am seriously considering a full-time career in academia (both teaching and research). However, I am also married with two young children, so a full-time doctoral program is not realistic. This is why the Grenoble DBA appeals to me, as it is a valid path to a tenure-track position without giving up my income.

    Here are some questions for you, as well as some of the other Grenoble DBA students & alumni:

    1. What was your specialization? Grenoble appears to support a wide variety of specializations, but it appears their main focus is management of technology. Because of my background, I would prefer an accounting focus, but finance may be an option as well.

    2. What was the process in terms of preparing your research proposal and finding a supervisor for your dissertation? I have some ideas for a dissertation topic, but the challenge may be finding a suitable supervisor (unless the DBA program helps in that regard).

    Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone! :)


  16. Han

    Han New Member

    Hi - Here is my experience (though things may change over time).

    1. I thinkt he school has high end scholars in most areas. You bring the specialty, and pitch your pitch your topic, then they can match you up with the approrpiate person. For me, it was OB, but I know of others in many other specialties in the program from my year.

    2. The program does this for you. Based on your initial entry, they have potential supervisors (that have to evaulate your proposal, as well as the time committment). Most of the students in my class had advisors upon the first on site visit, but I didn't get mine until I got there.

    To get in the program, you have to have a specialty (finance, OB, etc), so that is the first narrowing point, then the research you are proposing and access to data (another narrowing point). Between those two, you get pretty focused, and the program will help you get the advisor. There is support all along the way.

    Again, this is only how it worked in my year, and the program has changed from my year, so you would want to check this with the Grenoble Director.

    Hope this helps.
  17. telefax

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    We haven't chatted in an age, but congratulations! That is very well done, indeed.

    Dave G. (formerly of Sacramento)

  18. caddy

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    How is the program going? I am thinking about applying to this program

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