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    We've explored how Excelsior College treats PMOS, SMOS, and DMOS credit recomendations on an AARTS transcript.

    Most simply, credit is awarded for awarded MOSC at the skill level actually held without further documentation. Credit may be awarded for DMOS (higher skill level or additional MOS) with supporting documentation (NCOER).

    My question is: Does anyone know how UoP treats MOS specifications on an AARTS transcript? Do they award credit based on the ACE specification on the transcript or do the award for PMOS (at skill level) only, or do they...???
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    I received my Associates Degree (Through Military Credit Recognition) from UOP. On my transcript, all of my credits from the Navy seemed to be awarded in line with the ACE recommendation. For example, ACE recommended 4 credits for radar principles training, and UOP recorded 4 credits for the completion of radar principles training on my transcript.

    I am a bit confused by your question. I really do not know exactly what you are asking. Hopefully, I answered the question you were asking. If not, I apologize.
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    Hi Coach,

    UOP goes strictly by ACE's recommendations, and the credits mostly apply to lower division/general education. I have never seen an instance where they apply the credits to upper division, although I have heard they do on occasion.
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    They are based on ACE.
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    Thanks for the replies:

    ACE recommends credit for service schools and occupational specialties. Most colleges have no issue with awarding credit based on ACE recs. for completed service schools. My question relates to the credit based on ACE recs. of the occupational specialty.

    There is a difference between the way the Army and Navy report MOS credit on their transcripts.

    An Army DMOS is what the Navy calls a billet. A servicemember's DMOS/billet may or may not be in the specialty they actually hold or even at their present rank/grade.

    The Army transcript lists these DMOS/billet positions with the ACE recomendation. I understand that the Navy transcript only lists them if you earn the NEC and then only at the actual rank/grade of the service member.


    An Army medic (91B old) at the rank of SGT (E5) assigned to a position of 91B30 SSGT (E6) would have the credit recomendation of the SSGT 91B30 on his transcript.

    I understand that a Navy corpsman HM2 (E5) assigned to a position of HM1 (E6) will only have the credit recomendation of the actual rating HM2.

    It's well known that the Army is more inclined to assign a servicemember according to the needs of the service outside of his/her specialty area; this then becomes a common concern for Army folk when discussing primary MOS versus duty MOS.

    The ACE credit recomendations for E6 are often far greater than those for E5 -- so, this becomes an important consideration.

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