University without a provost.

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    Under the reorganization, Cabrini will go from three colleges to two, with the School of Education being absorbed by the School of Arts and Sciences. The School of Business and Professional Studies will remain as the other school. The provost — who acts as the chief academic officer — as well as the associate provost and three deans will be eliminated and replaced by a dean of academic affairs and two associate deans. And 18 department chairs will be reduced to eight: The faculty whose chair positions were eliminated will keep their teaching jobs but will no longer receive the stipends that come with that title.
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    So many IHEs are circling the drain, and all they can hope for is that other schools are worse off and close first, releasing their students back into the pool. I'm thinking at this point that the only thing Clayton Christensen got wrong was the timing.
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    Five years of significant declines, necessitates a major course correction. It somewhat comes across as more of a realignment to their current size, than an elimination of their leadership team. It’s peculiar how they have downgraded their advancement office though. If they were highly effective, it would be one of the areas I’d be inclined to try and protect.
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    Not a bad deal. Villanova is a prestigious R2 university (ranked #51 by U.S. News).

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