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    If y'all want this go to WGU. Same stuff and will very likely cost less. Granted University of Wisconsin has name value over WGU any day of the week.
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    I wonder about their transfer policy

    I wonder what their transfer policy will be. The chancellor: "What we are saying is, 'I don't care where you learn it. Can you prove it?'" I wonder how many credits students will be able to bring in, and if they will follow a WGU style competency model. If they don't charge too much for out-of-state students and come up with a convenient system, I can imagine that a lot of students will go for the big name, even if it is just a section of state's university system. They would really be a peer of UMUC, TESC and COSC.
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    It's not an entire degree, but the program at UW-Platteville that I'm in now has a life experience transfer policy. Is something like this common?

    You can get credit for 6 credit hours with an essay declaring how you meet a particular competency, and then two signed affidavits from supervisors agreeing to you having the competency. There's a $500 "review" fee, which it looks like you pay whether they grant you the credit or not. Seems like there should be an exam, too, IMHO.

    Credit For Life | Master of Science in Engineering | UW-Platteville Distance Education
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    Is something like this common?


    Abner :)
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    I came across that article as well. It's intriguing, particularly given the name recognition of the University of Wisconsin. How to know what it will actually look like until they get some students all of the way through the program.

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    sorry to bump this thread ! but has anyone enrolled in the University of Wisconsin flexi program? Any comments about it?
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    I did the evaluation. it tests whether or not you have the aptitude for an online degree program. I read though this program did not meet the Financial Aid requirements because it does not meet the traditional 'fulltime' , 'half time', 'quarter time' standard of credit/quarter hours so the Dept. of Education was unable to determine who should get what aid. Those enrolled got a full ride from the school until it could be sorted out. I didn't pursue further just because of this aspect and being an out of state resident. I got an email today for a survey as to why I didn't enroll.
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    Can I get degree from internet at home?
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    Do they not offer the grants to out of state students?
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    I think there is no 'in-state / out of state' differences in the UW flex system. Financial aid, which I understand should be sorted shortly, (if not already) will apply equally. UW ended up giving students the equivalent aid they would have received had the feds recognized the program in time. They are very confident that they will get the approval (hence the shelling out the money for those currently enrolled) and as other similar programs have it, they aren't exactly pioneering on this issue.

    As for life experience, It's my understanding that credit for life experience is given the same way it's given at the school I attend (NAU), as the course is assessment based, if you have prior knowledge you'll be able to pass the test without (or with minimal) studying. To my knowledge there is no sort of resume review type of credit there, at least as far as direct credit for what you've done. They may review your information to see if you are ready to attempt a test, but that's all as far as I know.

    Personally the UW flex program looks like a great program and I was very close to signing up for it. The only thing that stopped me was that finding out about the NAU program which I feel is an even better deal at a lower cost and with a letter grade transcript, plus, they've already figured out their financial aid issues. The program works on the exact same 6 month term and because of a bad year consulting last year I got a fair amount of aid. The Pell grant alone paid for the whole program plus cut me a check for $350. It's hard to argue with a 'free' school.

    That said, the UW's name recognition is probably better simply because they have a main state program and a host of campuses. People hear UW and they think Madison but the reality is that most of the classes for the flex program are run out of Platteville and the IT course is also shared from the Milwaukee campus. It's still a state school however, so I'm not condemning it, just pointing out that the program is from a smaller campus in the system which again puts in on par with the NAU offering. I am unsure if the Flex program has something indicating it's an online degree on the diploma itself. I seem to recall it did have some sort of 'extension' designator, but I'm not completely sure on that.

    I think it comes down to what program you are after and what you need out of your degree / transcript. I think the flex program is excellent. In my opinion, both systems beat WGU's current system, but that doesn't mean they beat particular degree offerings. WGU has some great technical programs that give a huge number of tech certs in the process, which is hard to beat. But I don't like their assignment types and the resulting transcript. Plus I think the benefit of having a state school degree is hard to over-value, especially with those that are unfamiliar with a program.
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    DId you join the program? What do you think so far? How is the job prospect after the graduation?
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    A problem with competency-based degree programs is that they do not, by definition, take into account the tacit learning that takes place by being in the educational process.

    Essentially, the Big Three approach is competency based, but competencies are substituted for with credits. But if you have the credits, you get the degree. And a major way of getting credits is demonstrating knowledge through assessment. But you really miss out on a lot by not taking classes.

    Almost all of my undergraduate credits applied to my degrees was by testing. But I was able to take quite a few night school classes that also prepared me for exams worth a lot more credit. Those classes were vital for what became my MBA experience, which was all classroom-based. I'd hate to think that would have been the first time I'd walked into a classroom.
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    Univ of Wisconsin

    It's the University of Wisconsin - Plattville. The state of Wisconsin re-naned all of their teachers colleges, University of Wisconsin - - NOWHERESVILLE, after the small town that it is in. One of these degrees has nowhere near the prestige of Wisconsin-Madison or even Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

    University of Wisconsin–Platteville is a public university located in Platteville, Wisconsin, United States. Part of the University of Wisconsin System, it offers both bachelor's and master's degrees. Wikipedia
    Address: 1 University Plaza, Platteville, WI 53818
    Acceptance rate: 96% (2010)

    96% acceptance rate? I wonder just how poorly prepared one has to be NOT to be accepted?

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