University of the Potomac ABD completion programs

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  1. datby98

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    Hi guys, I still cannot understand the rationale of those ABD programs.
    I checked the conventional courses of the three programs: DBA, Ed.D., and DCS. All of them require a dissertation and a defense.
    So if I had completed the taught courses elsewhere without a dissertation yet, what the advantages would be if I transfer to The University of the Potomac? For passing with a loose or sloppy dissertation?:emoji_thinking:
  2. sanantone

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    Some people have timed out of their programs. ABD programs provide dissertation support that's often not available in traditional programs. After you pass the comps, most universities set you free to complete your dissertation without any preparation. How much guidance you receive depends on your chair.
  3. Dustin

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    As sanantone notes, for those who had done the taught part of their programs but had issues completing the thesis (whether institutional or otherwise) they get a second bite at the apple in a more structured environment that helps ensure they can complete it.
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    Not that Cumberlands wasn't supportive, for they are, but this is definitely Baker College's approach with their ABD completion program.
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    @sanantone @Dustin

    Many thanks for helping answer my question, Now I am clear.

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