University of Salford - MSc Information Systems Management ($15k, No Bachelor's required)

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    Format: online
    Price: 15,000 CHF ($15,800 USD)
    Duration: 1 year

    Admission Requirements

    Normally a minimum 2:2 honours degree or equivalent.

    A wide range of professional qualifications are also accepted either in partial or complete fulfilment of entry requirements.

    We welcome applications from students who may not have formal/traditional entry criteria but who have relevant experience or the ability to pursue the course successfully.
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    This is Salford via RKC - Robert Kennedy College, Switzerland. Lots of threads here on RKC in the old days before they had these arrangements with British schools. I'd suggest it might be worth looking into the possibility of going (distance learning) to Salford directly - without an intermediary. Might save $.

    We also have at least half a dozen Salford threads, some of them dealing with RKC, some not.
    Use the search thing and you'll see.
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    The degree seems to be administered by a long time friend of DegreeInfo - Robert Kennedy College in Zurich, Switzerland. It is validated by University of Salford.

    This might get lively. Lol.
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