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    Re: I completed a BSBA at UoP

    This is quite interesting to me. Each class is 5 weeks, with a one week break between classes, they also take 2 weeks off the end of December. It is only physically possible to take 8 classes a year, if you are taking them one at a time. I am no math whiz, but that adds up to 5 years, if the degree is the normal 120 credits.

    I would like to understand how you got a bachelors degree from UOP, with no prior schooling, in less than 3 years, did the school allow you to take more than one class at a time? How many credits was your degree?
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    Yes, you are about to take more than one class at a time. You can also CLEP out of 30 credits (10 classes)
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    3 years Uop Degree


    Yes I did fail to mention that I took 30 credits via clep and dante's.

    Everyone that I know at UoP would be crazy to pay for those units at $1065 per class when you can simply test out of them.

    and by the way you take nine or ten classes a year at UoP schedule depending. and that's if you don't double up at times.

    most students are either working off 60 credits which they do in 23 months or 90 in 34 to 37 one that I know was crazy enough to pay for 120 units at that tuition rate.

    Believe me NO ONE spends 5 years at UoP......

    You do not actually have a week off between soon as one class is completed the next only experience a week without class during a holidy break.
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