University of Oxford - Diploma in IT Systems Analysis and Design (Online) for £4,840!

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    Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in IT Systems Analysis and Design (Online)

    University of Oxford's continuing education department offers an IT diploma for £4,840!

    The program is completely online! It looks like a great deal.

    • A written statement of 300–400 words stating why you wish to study this course
    • Details of your computing experience and computer system
    • Proof of your English language ability if you are a non-native English-speaking applicant (see below for more information).
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  3. nomaduser

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    but keep in mind that this diploma is from 'continuing education department', not the actual university.

    Generally, diploma and certificates from 'continuing' or 'extended' schools don't worth the same as the credentials from the actual university.
  4. asianphd

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    Good catch! Actually still have Oxford name in its :D
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  5. TheaGal

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    Did you join the course? I am currently taking this course. This is my second AD with Oxford, my first was some years back in History. You are treated the same as any student of Oxford whether online or on campus; restrictions, expectations and standards are adhered to. ContEd students are Oxford students, there is no separation. Certificates do not mention ContEd. The work is hard, just as it would be if you were in the classroom. There is a virtual common room - as there is a physical one in the college, and you are separated into small tutor groups, exactly the same as being on campus. Regardless of what misinformed ideas of ContEd were before, that is not the perspective now; certainly not at Oxford. I have had great success with my previous AD from Oxford despite the subject having nothing to do with my career. I am already receiving positive responses professionally regarding this IT AD and I am yet to complete it. It is a long year, hard work, and absolutely worth it. I have attended on campus university and online, this is as tough as it gets. You learn an incredible amount.
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  6. nomaduser

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    I'm still planning to take that IT diploma course. However, its certificate will come from University of Oxford's Continuing Education department.


    It clearly mentions that the diploma is from 'continuing education' division.
    I wasn't sure if this will worth it.
  7. nyvrem

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    If you want something from an Oxford College, you'll have to look into the part time Masters in Software Engineering. It's not an online/DL program, but a 'meet in Oxford once a term' kinda program.

    Good thing about the SE program is you don't need to have a CS degree for entry.
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  8. TheaGal

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    That is very interesting because my history AD doesn't say that. Thanks for posting . I presume there was a change between then and now. What I do know is no employer will care or even see "ContEd" as they will see Oxford. I'm not sure who you would show the certificate to either, I've never shown mine. I have had employers verify my education with Oxford. There has never been a problem.
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  9. nomaduser

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    Do they have any online program like that? :(
  10. asianphd

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    Thanks for the review! It seems they really giving value to the money.
    I will consider adding the Oxford ContEd certificate to my cv then.

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