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    Employees are responding very well to the degree. I like my current job and don't plan on leaving but I applied to others just to see what is out there and I had call backs for almost every job I applied to.
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    I took classes online and I really liked doing it this way. The online course was just a live feed of the on campus class and you could view it live or later depending on your schedule. This made it really easy to go back and view a class again if you needed more help on a topic.
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    I have been attempting to get my pre-reqs done at local colleges first for a lower cost. Not much of my business degree will transfer.

    I am having trouble finding a calculus based physics course that is on the articulation list. I don't want to spend a semesters worth of work just to have it not transfer.
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    Sorry for the 5 month bump.

    Has there been any updates to the list of online Economics masters from post #17?

    Are there any economics programs that are similar to the John Hopkins mentioned one? Meaning you can't find them by Googling "online masters in economics" but they are manipulative-able to only having to go do one semester or less on campus?

    This question isn't ECON specific, but when the prerequisites state things like Microeconomics requirement, macroeconomics requirements, statistics requirement etc. will those of us who took CLEP/DSSt's and Aleks to fulfill these courses be accepted (generally)?

    In the spirit of contributing, I did find however, that you can get a MLA in environmental management (sustainability) from Harvard Extension with only one 8 week summer semester if you schedule accordingly. Although not technical economics, it is very similar to an ecological economics focus at other schools and I strongly considered it.

    Thanks in advance
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    Too late to edit my above post, but it looks like
    Master’s in Applied Economics | SNHU

    Southern New Hampshire University is not for profit and regionally accredited and has applied economics. However, the reviews are mixed (I've personally never heard of the school; not that, that means anything) and it's $627 a credit. But hey, options are options. I list more as/if I find them
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    Hello; can some one compare their experiences with these programs. I am specifically interested in the ones in Georgia Southern University, Southern New Hampshire University, and University of North Dakota.

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