University of North Alabama vs Troy State University

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  1. bo79

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    I really like the MBA program at University of North Alabama and I also really like the MSM program at Troy State University. I would like to know which of the two is a better and more respected school UNA or TSU?

  2. manjuap

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    I think UNA will be a good choice given that its a RA/ACBSP and known public school. Now they also have an option to finish degree much quicker with 8 week option which is open to all and tuition is not bad($300/credit).
    MSM is more of a terminal degree while MBA a professional degree.

    Also look at the below program..
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  3. picklehead

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    UNA best option 4 me

    UNA Vs Troy State?

    Troy State is a well respected school in the southeatern US, but I do not think many people outside that region have ever heard of it.

    UNA may not be so famous either, but it has the distinction of having a state in its name..

    University of any State...makes for a good name

    A good name equates to percieved quality.

    All things being equal I would pick UNA

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