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  1. kajidoro

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    I know somewhere on this board lurks a UNE graduate.

    Can you comment on the quality of their program? I have their hardcopy materials in front of me, and they look awesome, but I would like to hear what a graduate thinks. I am specifically looking at their DL MBA.


  2. Tom Head

    Tom Head New Member

    UNE is a remarkably high quality school, and I considered them briefly for my Ph.D. work (one of their philosophy profs, Peter Forrest, is a top-notch and internationally respected process theologian who has also done a great deal of work in environmental ethics and normative logic); the only drawback to me was that the doctoral program required substantial residency (58 days, I think), which would have brought my expenses up to where the program would cost as much as the Union Institute, with twice the required residency days (and all of them overseas). But the residencies are only relevant for doctoral programs (the MBA is completely nonresident, near as I can tell); it's an excellent institution, and if I were going to do an Australian master's (which I will probably do at some point), it would be one of my first choices.

    I've forwarded a link to your enquiry over to Peter French, who earned two master's degrees from UNE (one in accounting, one in education) and may wish to comment further.

    Good luck!


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