University of New Castle, Delaware

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  1. George Brown

    George Brown New Member

    Yes, New Castle, not Newcastle (the prestigious UK version)

    * Claims state licensing from Delaware
    * Accreditation from the non-wonderful IAUCI
    * .US suffix

    I love the title page 'University of New Castle at United States of America'


  2. c.novick

    c.novick New Member

    Hi George.

    Well, I would have to say that this "institution" should be added to Oregon's Office of Degree Authorization site. I did not see it listed there yet.

    How can they be licensed in DE when their "insitution" er I mean "office" er I mean P.O. Box is outside the U.S.?

    I also feel bad for the blonde female student on the "impressive" accreditation page. The poor thing has been to so many "degree mills" she just seems to pick all the wrong schools.

    All those books...all those wasted years. She must have been a popular student to get her picture in all the sites.
  3. Veteran101

    Veteran101 New Member

    At United States of America

    Good One!
    Funny, you see all these company's with pay reimbursement listed, however, New Castle, DE. Is basically the home of DuPont and MBNA, two very large corporations.
    I do not see their name on the site.

    DE is also with Nevada. If you have a name, we will incorporate you!
    Right here, right now, at United States of America!

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