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Discussion in 'Education, Teaching and related degrees' started by phobrla, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. phobrla

    phobrla New Member

    Hi, I was wondering what people have to say about the University of Missouri's 30-credit, distance education Master's (MA? MS? MEd?) in Educational Technology. Particularly, I'm interested in the Learning Systems Design & Development track. I like that there's an emphasis on the intersection of instructional/web/UI design, and I especially like the low price of the degree (~$12,015).

    Is this program 'legit'? Will it be worth the loans I'll be taking, (N.B: I don't have undergrad loans; these will be my first)? Do employers and former students like the program?
  2. Michelle

    Michelle New Member

    I'm looking at the EdS, so I'd love to hear opinions too. The EdS is almost identical to the Master's degree. For career purposes, I decided it didn't matter too much which track I chose since they don't show up on the degree or transcript. I thought all the tracks looked good, but I'm thinking of doing Technology in Schools because I like 8 week classes.
  3. phobrla

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    Update: I am finishing off my first 10 credits of my Mizzou degree, and taking 13 in the spring. I was able to transfer 4 in. I actually moved to Columbia, for a variety of reasons. Loving Mizzou, and my degree is easy but I am learning much from it. I'll be using it, provided I'm able, as a prerequisite for GS-9 level positions in the federal workforce.
  4. airtorn

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    Thanks for the update.

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