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  1. bo79

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    I have noticed that most of the undergrad degrees offered UofL external program are from London School of Economics. However I have noticed that none of the external masters degrees are from LSE. I'm just wondering why is that? Will UofL external program offere any masters degrees from LSE in the future? I really would like to someday earn a masters degree from LSE by distance learning.
  2. Dennis Ruhl

    Dennis Ruhl member

    I thought London School of Economics degrees were awarded by the University of London. I don't believe that I am wrong.
  3. oxpecker

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    I think University of London degrees are awarded by University of London, but also have the name of the College.

    Attached is my diploma for my Birkbeck degree. I have changed my name, but otherwise the image is not retouched.

    The signatures at bottom are those of the Master of Birkbeck and the Vice-Chancellor of the University of London.

    (If you open the attachment in Internet Explorer, the image is displayed at a reduced size. But if you hold your mouse over the image a square buttom should appear -- click the button to expand the image to its original size.)

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  4. JLV

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    My wife is an LSE graduate (coincidentally one of her teachers was today on BBC commenting on the D-Day the entire afternoon). Her degree is conferred by the University of london; it's something similar to what Oxpecker has but, of course, substitute Birbeck for LSE, and the signatures.

    However, I don't think external graduates of the Univ. of London have in their diploma the name of the directing college (or whatever they call it). The only name listed is University of London. I think there is mention to the external condition of the degree.

    The LSE is the one ofthe mot prestigious schools in the world, andf I know they take pride in it. I don't know, OK? but I think it is highly unlikely they offer degrees online in the future. Just my impression from what I saw and perceived while I lived in London.

    Cordial greetings
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  5. oxpecker

    oxpecker New Member

    Birkbeck is the least prestigious college of the University of London. So it may be more willing to have its name on an external degree than LSE would be.
  6. warguns

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    re: London degrees

    I don't think Birbeck is at the bottom of the heap at all. The Institute of Education is really awful. At least at Birbeck one is likely to live if through a campus visit. Students just disappear at Queen Mary and Goldsmiths.
  7. oxpecker

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    Birkbeck is sneered at because it's the adult education College. And it offers degrees in things such as garden studies. Doesn't matter to me. The Structural Biology department is world famous. It's where Rosalind Franklin worked after her time at King's, and where she initiated the work that later won Aaron Klug (then also at Birkbeck) the Nobel. (She also wrote that moving from King's to Birkbeck was like moving "from a palace to a slum.")

    My brother also earned a Master's degree at Birkbeck (though in Imperial History, not Structural Biology).
  8. Tom57

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    LSE is the lead college for all of the external undergrad degrees in business, finance and economics. Similar degrees at the masters level are lead by other universities within UoL.

    From what I've heard, the lead college is not mentioned on the external diploma. UoL argues that ALL degrees are essentially University of London degrees.
  9. alarmingidea

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    From the London External Humanities prospectus:

    I couldn't find a similar line in the LSE prospectus, though I'm still under the impression that I've seen it mentioned someplace.
  10. Yan

    Yan New Member

    I think it is correct. My external MSc from SOAS just mentioned the University of London, not SOAS.
  11. warguns

    warguns Member


    This quite true. Birbeck is not so well-known because it's mainly for evening students but it is well regarded. The Institute of Education has a terrible reputation academically and the student union is dominated by insane Trotskiites.

    " Students just disappear at Queen Mary and Goldsmiths."

    By this I assume you are referring to the fact that they are in dreadful parts of London. I don't think distance students are so vulnerable..
  12. Cardinal Biggles

    Cardinal Biggles New Member

    Weird that this thread would be dredged up after almost 8 years.

    Even weirder that the poster doing so did it to agree with his own quote from back then, but speaks as if the quote was from someone else.

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