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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by JoshD, Oct 23, 2022.

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    That's a good program, they are in the T50, cool... I would also recommend comparing similarly ranked universities, in your state or surrounding states just in case the admissions requirements are high and it's competitive. It's best to add a couple of your best choices in addition to this, then also add 3 backup options, so in total you have your top 6. Also, you may want to check out the edx/coursera MOOC Masters offerings that may be half price, an example is Boston U, $24K MBA. Online MBA Degree: Master of Business Administration (
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    I'd agree on adding options. Always good to get a list of 5-10 programs, apply, and then go from there. :)
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    I'd pay $100K for Georgia before I spent $40K on a degree from Hult.
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    I'm curious, Josh. Hult has "Triple Crown" accreditation. AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. It is one of only two schools in US to have "Triple Crown." Olin B-School is the other. Only about 1% of B-schools worldwide have "Triple Crown." Doesn't that mean something?
    Or is Triple Crown Whiskey more to your liking? :)
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    In the B-School world, I would say Hult is much less prestigious than the University of Georgia. They do have Triple Accreditation but in regards to employment reports and such, Terry out does Hult.

    While I know many do not care for rankings, UofG Terry is ranked #38 in US News whereas Hult is Unranked.
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    Thanks. makes perfect sense. Today I learned... :)
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    Temple is not a bad school. Personally, I'd spend the $50K for Terry over $25K at Temple. However, I'd like to make it known I'd not spend $50K on Terry. While the B-School is good, it is a regional B-School. Most of their graduates are going to be in Atlanta and Georgia in general. If I am spending $50K+ I want the alumni base to be widespread.
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    We have Emory and Georgia Tech dominate this area, but two other people and I chose Imperial College London from Atlanta.
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    Goizueta and Scheller do dominate when compared to Terry. However, if you look at Terry' employment report they place 63% of graduates in the South and specifically, in the Atlanta, GA area. It does not mean they are the powerhouse of just means they place a lot of their graduates in that city.
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    1. The $25k is the yearly tuition; minimum time is 24 months, so it’s more like a $50k degree.

    2. I wouldn’t want the stink of a Temple online MBA on my resume. I would never want to have to go into a job interview leading with “Yes, I know my business school spent years of falsifying and manipulating data, but…”
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    Eh, I would say the vast majority of employers don’t follow the various drama surrounding MBA programs (e.g Temple’s online MBA ranking debacle). I am in the middle of a career transition and was recruited heavily by multiple organizations — after a myriad of conversations and interviews, including with a top-4 global consulting firm, I ended up taking a well-paying ($300k+) executive position at a regional company. I am one of the folks who earned the Temple OMBA, and the controversy surrounding its ranking never surfaced *once* in any of my interviews. Not once. The prospective employers looked at the MBA more as a checked box/MBA earned from a respected school, and all the interview conversations revolved around professional experiences that directly related to the roles in question, as well as my leadership and people skills.

    I say all of this only to encourage everyone who didn’t complete a top-10 degree; employers care far more about your experiences and skills *post grad school* than they do about where you earned your MBA. The obvious only exception is for residential programs that have on-site recruiting services; top firms tend to recruit directly out of the higher ranked schools, so the ranking could affect the quality of jobs being recruited for. Other than that exception, which doesn’t affect 90% of us in these forums, as long as your MBA is from a duly accredited/decently respected school, you’ll be fine.
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