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    I've mentioned on DI my relatively recent new interest in fashion. I completed a very basic course in design and merchandising from a forgettable career school, which I chose because I knew it would "hold me to the road" - I had previous course experience with them and I "knew the drill." They did show me the breadth and depth of the field - and the texts were extremely good, if nothing else. I took a self-test and found out what type of fashion guy I am. I want to design and make. Eventually, I want to make every garment - well - with style, quality and comfort, that that a woman would normally wear. Clothes she would want to wear. So, I've put Calvin an' them on notice - "new shooter coming out." Somehow, they don't seem worried. :) Maybe in a few years...

    So what next? University of Fashion for me, definitely. Hundreds of courses, guidance as to course order. Many taught by teachers from the big fashion schools. All videos. See them on your time, 24/7. As many times as you need. They cover everything - e.g. sewing, fashion drawing, draping, textiles, design, patternmaking, CAD for fashion ---- and so many more.

    Here's the price - as low as 50 cents a day -- and no, for that you don't have to fly to sub-Saharan Africa! (I don't really know where they are, but it doesn't matter.) There's a free 3-lesson intro, plus some free goodies. Sign up is $19.95 a month or $189 a year, (not automatically renewed, they promise!)

    How do they do it? Well, no exams, no degrees, no certs, no Accreditation-Formerly-Known-as-Regional. Just high-quality instruction - all you can learn. I've bought a nice sewing machine - I named her Crystal - and some great fabrics. I'm drawing, cutting and sewing. I have to hold my breath a lot! Look me up in ten years! :)

    You can find this school at I think this kind of school is the future of learning for a lot of things. Wish me luck! :)
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    Pockets. Don't forget pockets. ;)
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    Definitely sending this to my fiance!

    For under $200 a year, it's actually a pretty cool setup.
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    The amount of learning opportunities out there is truly staggering. Yes, they aren't necessarily "formalized" in the sense that you will be granted a degree, but man - if you are a teenager today, you can really immerse yourself in high quality instruction about ANYTHING you are interested in for a very reasonable price. Udemy, Domestika, New Skills Academy, etc. And if you choose to get a formal education in those things, you will be miles ahead by having self-educated with the materials that are out there.
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    I'm 79. :)
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