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    I came across some information concerning the University of Durham, , located in the UK, and found an interesting bit of trivia. The university, which was founded in 1832, and certainly meets GAAP criteria, has its physical address on MILL HILL LANE, in Durham City, UK.

    While this is in no way a negative reflection on the UD (since it is an established residential university), it did seem to be a bit humorous, i.e., with all the discussion on the forum regarding mills and such. Perhaps a name change to University Avenue?

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    Actually, it is the School of Business, one of the schools within the university, which is located on MILL HILL LANE! Sorry!

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    Then, of course, there's that famous fake dental school, the Mill on the Floss.

    And don't forget the famous philosopher, John Stuart Regionallyaccredited.
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    <<And don't forget the famous philosopher, John Stuart Regionally accredited.>>

    Now doing Business as John Stewart


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