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    I would like to complain the inadequate arrangements of the Cambridge Executive Diploma in Management offered jointly by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES), University of Cambridge and the FT Knowledge by distance learning. As the result, I could not complete this Diploma course within the time limit. The time limit is two years. However, I cannot contact my course tutor for a year.

    Firstly, they closed the web site for this course during my study.

    Secondly, they cancelled the course during my study. I could not find anyone which I have kept in contact during my registration process with this course. However, I have lost contact with them after I have registered with this course. I have sent a large number of email enquiries to those staff in FT Knowledge to ask for where should I send my assignments. I have not received any reply from them up till now.

    Thirdly, I have to contact the FT Knowledge staff and tutors by email. However, I could not contact the staff or even the tutor for a long time because all my email to submit assignments and questions have been returned. Initially, I could contact the tutor. Several months after the commencement of this course, I could not receive any reply from the tutor for nearly one year.

    There were nobody to follow my questions and submission of assignments for a year. I don¡¯t know what is the problem of the FT Knowledge. They also closed the web site for the study materials of this course. There was no body to handle any of my questions for one year. It directly caused the lapse of time of my study and resulted in I cannot complete the course within time limit.
    FT Knowledge has no longer to administer this course during my study. I feel very angry and frustrated mainly because there was nobody including the course tutor to follow my enquiries and receive my assignments.

    I have complained to the UCLES, University of Cambridge and the FT Knowledge several times and I have not received any response. I have also complained to several British authorities regulating British universities. All of them have replied that universities are independent and they have no power to handle my complaint.
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    Is this University of Cambridge some diploma mill operating out of England?;)

    In all seriousness- and it sound very serious- where does organization called FT Knowledge operate (or should I say, operated) from?
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    I'm getting ready to embark on my DL, MBA studies; your experience makes me extremely trepedacious! Surely, there is some sort of licensing body through whom you can get things rectified.

    Please post updates to your situation, as I am concerned on your behalf.

    Vince (VB1)
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    Vince, I trust you are limiting your selection of institutions to those that are legitimately accredited. If so, there is little worry for the type of problems expressed by the original post.
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    FT Knowledge is a venture of the UK based Financial Times. Their headquarters appear to be in London and New York.

    FT Knowledge

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