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  1. JMcAulay

    JMcAulay New Member

    Along with (presumably) 4,999,999 other email addressees, I received today a rather lengthy and extraordinarily well-written message extolling the virtues of the subject institution, inviting my enrollment. Thinking I would look at their website just for grins, imagine my astonishment to view a quite well designed and presented site, which showed just about everything pretty doggone fine. Seemed almost like a genuine fully legitimate institution. Even had some opening music so catchy I reloaded four times just to hear it again and again.

    Just one leeeetle item of interest: on the page describing their BA in English, it is said: "U. S. Department of Education - National Center for Education Statistics - Unit I. D. Number: 434654."

    And on the page listing their technical certificate programs, they refer to themselves as a *U. S. Department of Education - Institution of Higher Learning*.

    Unfortunately, I have somehow missed any statement such as "This Institution is Not Accredited." But I forget...maybe Hawaii doesn't require that.

    Anyway, it's a really keen website, and I must admit that their instructional technique for the BA program sounds pretty neat. Would that the resulting 'skin might be as good.

  2. JMcAulay

    JMcAulay New Member

    Well, in keeping with my occasional blundering clumsiness, I forgot to list the URL. Here 'tis:
  3. Mark_R

    Mark_R New Member

    Awarding a MSCS in Visual Basic 6, with no prequisites, and unproctored exams, I think not ;-)
  4. PaulC

    PaulC Member

    First of all, a Master's degree in VisualBasic is about as ridiculous as their curriculum development. Let's see, we'll see if we can find 10 different VisualBasic books, call each one a course and charge $550 dollars for it.

    As to the value of their understanding of the very topic they are selling, they say:

    Visual Basic is the world's only "drag and drop" programming environment in which you build applications visually (by moving objects from the tool box to the work canvas)."

    Yea, right! Pay no attention to all the other "drag and drop" programming environments out there such as:

    etc., etc., etc.!!!!!!

    This is an unfocused certificate program masquerading as a graduate level degree. Oh, and just think how valuable that MS in VB6 is when we're up to VB 10, or better yet, when there is no more VB. I wonder if they will give you an updated diploma with every new release of VisualBasic.

    The Doctor of philosophy in Computer Science is an even bigger joke. Their curriculum displays an amazing lack of either philosophy or science.
  5. Frangop

    Frangop New Member

    I think that the fact that this institution is from Hawaii says it all !!!!

  6. JMcAulay

    JMcAulay New Member

    Yeah, sure, but they do have that really snappy music!


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