Universities with absolutely worthless degrees

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    mmm... first spot is a state school that cost 6k/year.

    major in a stem field like computer science and move to a major city, that piece of paper will prob give the highest ROI

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    The problem is not about the college, but the problem with college majors that provide skills and demands. Anyway, most of these colleges and universities are Liberal Arts category. If you are looking at the high paying job, most of them do not fall under the Liberal Arts degrees. I had seen someone with a Bachelor's degree in English, but he thrived in Information Technology; but of course, need a lot of additional training and certifications.
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    They don't say how they calculate ROI, so the whole exercise is a bit dubious. Doubly so in that they list so many HBCUs.
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    It's also interesting that they don't include any for-profit schools, given the conversation in the other thread.
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    They don't show how ROI is calculated. From the way they put it, it looks like they assume a student pays full sticker price - which applies to just about no one. Choice of schools is dubious.

    This article is a worthless clickbait.
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    Good point.
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    Johnson University is a Bible College (one of the oldest). For those that study ministry there, their return may be in the next life. :)
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