United States University Online???

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Mohammed, Apr 2, 2003.

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    Very useless. The $150.00 dollar PhD program is over priced. I would say the degree is worth around $0.00.

    Not accredited, no professors, no course listings, etc.etc.

    Definitely a diploma mill.

    Mohammed, if they send you another email, respond to it by telling them - "no thanks, I gave at the office".:D :D
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    Domain registration

    The JPR Group, Inc. dba MotivationNation
    Post Office Box 924
    Salem, Illinois 62881

    Domain Name: USUONLINE.ORG

    Administrative Contact:
    James Reincke [email protected]
    The JPR Group, Inc.
    Post Office Box 924
    Salem, Illinois 62881
    Phone: 6185480048
    Fax: 6185480081
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    It appears that in addition to being a sales and marketing consultant, convention speaker, the 2003 Illinois Small Businessman of the Year, as well as the self-proclaimed Tourism King and Tourism Guru, James “JimBob” Reincke is now branching out into running degree mills.

    JimBob Reincke
  5. roysavia

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    Re: Re: United States University Online???

    Is he the Rockefeller version of Bozo the Clown??:confused:

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