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    My son's chosen College recently dropped Sports Management as a degree. Very few schools in the mid-west offering Sports Management. My son would like to become a High School Coach. Academics can be a challenge for him thus the need for classes / courses that are of interest to him and hold his attention.

    Can anyone offer any information on the United States Sports Academy located in Alabama?

    Any thoughts on distance learning vs being on-campus?

    Would a on-line degree be acceptable if he were to pursue coaching and teaching??

    Any comments, thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


  2. sanantone

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    I don't think sports management is a common degree among coaches. Degrees in kinesiology and physical education are more common. Schools usually want coaches who are able to teach academic courses. I know most of my high school and middle school coaches taught social science subjects. I also knew coaches who taught English and algebra. He should get a degree in an academic subject in something like English, chemistry, or history and get on the education track. I don't know how it works in Missouri or whatever state you're in, but public universities in Texas don't offer degrees in education. Students choose a regular major, take a few education courses, and do a semester of student teaching. Your state might offer education degrees with various concentrations.
  3. sanantone

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    These Missouri schools offer physical education programs that lead to teacher certification.

    Central Methodist University
    Missouri Valley College
    College of the Ozarks
    Missouri Western State University
    Culver-Stockton College
    Northwest Missouri State University
    Drury University
    Southeast Missouri State University
    Evangel University
    Southwest Baptist University
    Hannibal LaGrange College
    Truman State University
    Lincoln University
    University of Central Missouri
    Lindenwood University
    University of Missouri - St. Louis
    Missouri Baptist University
    Westminster College
    Missouri Southern State
    University William Jewell College
    Missouri State University
    William Woods University


    You two might want to read more about the different pathways to becoming a teacher in Missouri.
    Educator Certification
  4. 03310151

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    There are a ton of teacher/coaches, especially with PE degrees. Most schools have a need for Math and Science teachers. That's the best way to become a coach. Teach first then coach. I've taken some continuing ed courses from USSA. Good customer support, decent course material but I'm not sure about the reputation. I coach Basketball and have the certification in Sports Coaching on my resume. No complaint.

    Better to be an educator first then the coaching will come.
  5. sanantone

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    Yeah, from my research, most regions have a high demand for math, chemistry, physics, technical/career, family consumer sciences, special education, ESL, and foreign language teachers. The reason why I didn't just say science is because there is not as much demand for biology and other life science teachers.
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    The guy who used to be the AD and basketball/softball coach at the local community college had a masters from USSA. I imagine it would be a good school for the right person. It sure looks interesting to me!

    There are some dirt cheap programs in PE and Sports Management such as these:

    Graduate Degree Programs - Distance Education | Emporia State University
    (note a masters as well as grad certificates)


    Master of Science in Organizational Management | Graduate Programs | WSC
    or Master of Science in Organizational Management - Graduate Studies - Chadron State College


    Health and Human Performance - Fort Hays State University

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