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  1. obecve

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    I am new to this group. I am interested in finding out about the experiences any one in this group may have had with UNISA. Thye have some interesting doctoral degree options, but thought I woulld inquire among the participants of this group. Thanks
  2. cdhale

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    My wife is just beginning her experience with UNISA (I assume you are talking about South African UNISA, and not the Australian UniSA).
    Our limited experience is a beauracratic nightmare with friendly and helpful staff. To explain, it is a total pain in the neck to become a student, with student numbers, applications, etc. To compound the irritation, my wife will be working on an undergraduate degree, so she must go to a testing center, and the nearest one is in Finland (We are in Estonia).
    Now having said all of that, when we contact the Dept of Language Theory (She is going for a creative writing BA), the folks there have been more than helpful, going out of their way to answer our questions and get us in touch with the right people.
    So our journey is just beginning. But that is our experience, to this point. Her classes start next Spring, so we will see how that works.
    There are quite a few people on this forum with more experience and I am sure some of them will pipe in...

  3. obecve

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    Yes, I was speaking about the University of South Africa. Thanks

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