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    Dear all,

    I thought this might be useful to post/archive here. For those of you looking for an M.A. in English by coursework, this seems a viable option:


    I received the following reply within two days:

    "Dear John

    I attach here some information about our MA degrees which you should
    find useful.

    The degree can indeed be studied entirely 'at a distance'; and we do
    not require our students to put in a bodily appearance at any stage
    (although it would be pleasant if they could do so, of course).
    Indeed, I have just had one of my students from the UK qualify, and I
    haven't even spoken to him on the telephone, let alone meet him in
    person! As long as you have email, you'll be fine. You'll also need
    access to a good library. While the UNISA library does send material
    to students all over the world, you will appreciate that this is a
    time consuming business and costly on the part of the student who must
    return the material by post.

    In order to enter our MA by coursework program, you will have to
    complete a placement exercise, which is the summary and critique of a
    scholarly article. You will need to tell us which MA/CW you are
    interested in, we send you the article, you complete the exercise, and
    your response is scrutinized by our Higher Degrees Committee. If they
    agree that your work is up to standard, you're in.

    You may need also to check with our Postgraduate Student Affairs
    office that your qualifications are recognized by our instituion and
    that you have English Honours equivalence (it looks to me as if you
    do, but we need to have this confirmed). Please contact Mr Cooper
    ([email protected]) in this regard.

    Do let me know which MA/CW you are interested in once you have read
    the attached brochures, and we'll send the placment exercise to you.
    Note also that it is also possible to do an MA by dissertation only;
    the procedures for entrance are slightly different, however.

    best wishes

    Karen Scherzinger"

    I do hope this is of interest to someone.

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    I have considered UNISA for my MA in English, but eventually chose to go with UNIZUL. The main reason was Dr. Hooper at UNIZUL really made it personal and easy, as opposed to the beaurocratic nightmare that is UNISA...:D

    However, it appears that my wife will go with UNISA for a BA in Language Theory, emphasis in Creative Writing.

    But if the UNIZUL option were to fall through, I would probably go with UNISA.


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