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    Anyone have direct knowledge as to the US degree equivilent to the UNISA BTech in IT degree?
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    Although I was once an American distance student of Tecknikon SA (now part of UNISA), it was some few years ago and I've forgotten a lot. Proceed at your own risk:

    a) There have been a few members here that were familiar with SA and other foreign (i.e., non-USA) distance programs. I'm surprised that you failed to garner any informed replies. Perhaps you'd do better using the forum search function?

    b) A BTech is -- as I recall -- approximately equal to a US baccalaureate. The reason it is only "approximately" equal is because the BTech -- like most foreign baccalaureates -- is a three year degree, not a four year degree. (A four year SA/UK/etc. baccalaureate would be an "honours" degree.)

    If equivalence is important to you for some specific purposes, then it would behoove you to make enquiries with the pertinent entity.

    c) A Technikon ("Polytechnic" in UK speak) degree may not have quite the same panache as a university degree. Since Technikon SA is now under the aegis of UNISA, this may not be relevant (if it ever was).

    Good luck, and keep us informed! (Actually, probably not me, as I'm too busy doing distance studying to read about it. <g>)

    Richard Kanarek

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