UNISA and Dr. Richard J. Hoyer

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by roysavia, Sep 15, 2003.

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    I hesitate to believe the the International College of Homeland Security is actually affiliated with UNISA.

    I find it interesting that ICHS states that it is not a college, but a coalition of colleges and universities. Yet it does not state the names of the coalition members.

    "Question: Is ICHS an actual college?

    Answer: No. The ICHS is a coalition organization that has designed these programs and offers them through over 15 colleges, universities and learning centers."

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    IACI is involved with both Unisa and "International College of Homeland Security." But I don't see any other more direct connection between Unisa and "International College of Homeland Security."
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    If you open the page to IACI's site you will notice the advertisement and link half way down the page. It's quite possible that IACI has the affiliation with this college and not UNISA.


    When you click on the site for the International College of Homeland Security, it opens to this page:


    This arrangement works well for the college of homeland security. Prospective students will assume that the college is somehow connected to UNISA and therefore will assume that it's GAAP accredited.
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    A corrupted link to IACI that was either posted to the forum or contained in someone's profile prompted me to look at the source code for IACI's index page about two years ago. It contained disabled code for a link to Summit University of Louisiana.

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