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    Dose anyone have any experience with this company that offers degrees from UNISA? http://www.iaci-canada.com/index.htm

    I am interested in getting more information about a few of the degree programs they have listed on their website. However when I call the number that is listed on the web site no one ever picks up and there is no answering machine, so it just keeps on ringing. Also I sent them an email 3 days ago but did not get a reply.

    My other question is how well accepted would a degree from UNISA be in Canada?

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    Why don't you contact directly to UNISA? I found their eagerness to help me.

    In my opinion, the word "accepted" is difficult to understand. It would depend on your ability. I can ensure with you that UNISA is "legal" and "accredited".
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    IACA represents Unisa in Canada and works with US students as well.

    Contacting Unisa directly is too often a 'bad experience,' especially where professors are concerned (my experience, anyway).

    The administrative folks are slightly better, but sadly, not much.

    You will get a response from iaca, and likely more help as well. Not sure if there is a 'sur-charge' for their services, but the information they provide -- that the main campus often does not -- is worthwhile.

    I'm very happy with my Unisa degree, it was an experience!

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