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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by Acolyte, Aug 19, 2021.

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    Western Carolina offers two Master's programs outside of their MBA program.

    M.E. Master of Entrepreneurship
    M.I.L.E. Master of Entrepreneurship in Innovation Leadership

    30 credit hours online. These are not MBA's with a focus area, but separate degrees. These are AACSB accredited programs.

    They use various acronyms for these degrees on the site. (ME) being the default.

    As a small business owner, I found these to be interesting offerings outside of a traditional MBA.
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    I remember there used to be an old thought (I don't agree with, btw) that if you get a degree in entrepreneurship you've already failed at it.
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    Yeah - there is always an argument against formal education in favor of simple trial and error. I remember that when I was in the arts - school wasn't for "real artists" - real artists go out and create art, or perform or whatever... and even when I got my undergrad in Communication, there were people that would say it was "too broad" and so it was a "useless" degree. Even now, people on this board make arguments that degrees in "leadership" are useless, etc. Having been an entrepreneur of sorts myself, I think a program like the ones I posted would have helped me a lot. Education is just one component of achieving success in anything, I wouldn't even say it's a "key component" - it's just a tool, but a pretty good one. It still takes work ethic, imagination, and the ability to apply what you have learned to different situations. Ultimately all formal learning is just a structured way to self-educate, and if you can't manage that, then any degree is really just a piece of paper that may as well be some kind of award for adequate attendance.
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