Unaccredited MBA from well-regarded university in Spain ('máster propio')?

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by joelkiggy, Sep 30, 2012.

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    Anyone have any idea if these would be worthless in the US (where I am also a citizen)?

    I've found a MBA program at a well-known and respected PUBLIC university in Spain that has an interesting specialisation, but it's not a 'Máster Oficial', meaning it has not been validated as being in line with the Bologna Process, which streamlines all of the university degrees across EU member countries so that Europeans aren't confused having to deal with so many different education systems.

    I was hesitant to write off this MBA because 1), it's from a well-regarded public university; and 2) unlike other unaccredited "propio" type postgrad programs, this one says it consists of 60 ECTS credit hours (which is the same ECTS requirement for Official masters degrees accredited and agreed upon in the Bologna Process).

    I wonder if maybe it'd be all the same in the US if I decide to job hunt there in the future?

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