1. dawnlanore

    dawnlanore New Member

    Getting giddy as I sent an email to umass asking if they will accept NA credits ..there reply was "we will accept credits from any accredited institution", which in my experience I hope means the world, but much too often leads to disappointment..anyway, just wondering if anyone has had any experience/input with UMASS and them accepting NA credits.....
    as always..appreciate the input....dawn.
  2. Gary Rients

    Gary Rients New Member

    That's a very vague statement, I wouldn't read too much into it. I'd contact them again asking specifically if they would consider accepting the credits that you've earned. You should include as many details as possible, particularly the name of the school(s), the nature of the accreditation, and the types of courses. You may even need to actually submit an application before you get a solid answer. I wouldn't count on anything until you have it in writing that they will give you credit for specific courses.
  3. David Williams

    David Williams New Member

    Hello DawnLanore,

    If by UMass you refer to UMass Lowell perhaps I can make a couple of suggestions. I am three courses shy of the online BS in IS thus I have some famliarity with the school. The first suggestion is to place UML on your short list. I had a disappointing experience at UMUC and I have found UML to be just a superior DL program. Second, clearly communicate that your school is not regionally accredited. It may prevent miscommunication and disappointment down the line. UML was remarkably generous in transferring in credit but it was some time before I had the official assessment and my previous study was at RA state universities. Third, I have always found Steve Tello, who is an administrator in the CyberEd program, to be a terrific resource. You might want to look up his e-mail address on the website and leave him a message. He's a very approachable man. In point of fact, I have yet to come across anyone at UML who has been rude or other than customer-friendly. It is a very student-centered prgram. Good luck and feel free to leave another post if you have any additional questions that I can address.

  4. dawnlanore

    dawnlanore New Member

    thank you ...i will email him.

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