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    Hi All,

    I'm new to the boards here, but I wanted to ask a question, and gather some opinions.

    I am having my credits evaluated by Umass Lowell, and depending on how many credits they honor, I might enroll.

    I've also considered ACCIS, now DETC accredited. I've read some sarcastic posts about this school, but also read from a lot of satisfied students.

    Obviously, the better of the choices comes down to UMass. But credits and $$$ are my 2 considerations.

    Does anyone know about the Credit by Exam, and Exemption process at Umass??

    Can anyone offer information on why I should NOT enroll at ACCIS? (Other than not being RA) - I am more concerned with school reputation, etc...

    Thanks for any helpful info!
  2. Re ACCIS, this message should be helpful: AICS: A Degree Mill?. (Note: AICS is now ACCIS.) The message doesn't mention the school's questionable past -- including "accreditation" from the worthless WAUC. In a later thread, Steve mentioned that although AICS/ACCIS would appear to not be a degree mill based on the way it currently presents itself, its sleazy history is a mill stone (excuse pun) around its neck. Any degree from ACCIS will always be tainted by the school's reputation from its laughable past.

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