UK students invading US institutions! And more...

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    Here are three students all from deprived/underdeveloped or "lower class level" areas of the UK... I don't know, Harvard and Cambridge are pretty neck and neck with each other for one of the students... I guess they want the US experience. Anyways, It's wonderful seeing young students, especially these ladies go into STEM fields such as computer science, engineering, etc.

    Link: London pupils win 'life changing' scholarships to top US universities (

    Beware of fake institutions, rising from the ashes of real ones that have closed down recently... Here's an article, a few of the institutions have been talked about and one I've attended, JIU. It's interesting how these fake ones are popping up and people aren't aware of them being fake at all, be aware, do your due diligence and research...

    Link: Closed colleges are rising from the dead online, taking applications (

    Fall of 2U, from $5 billion evaluation to 30 million in just a few short years! Yes, these are the ones partnering with universities and also the ones who purchased edX. Hopefully something happens and saves them from collapse, otherwise, what would happen with edX and whatever else these are parent companies of...

    Link: Under a pay-fire-wall, going through instead: The Fall of Online-Education Technology Powerhouse 2U: $900M in Debt and Rigid Contracts - WSJ (
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    I think there's a financial angle besides the US experience angle.

    Harvard and Princeton are both need blind for international students as well as for domestic students. For undergraduates, Princeton aid is 100% grant-based and for Harvard almost entirely so, as I understand it.

    My understanding is that this is a significantly better financial outcome for students from lower income families than the system in the UK which can leave students with substantial student loan debt (as can the US system in general, just not Harvard or Princeton undergrad).

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    It has to do with jobs or land in the US after graduation. In the UK, most of my MBA cohort did not make more than $80K per year.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I think 2U is charging too much for those programs when graduates are not guaranteed to land a job or their salary increases significantly for their return on investment. With that tuition, it is better to attend on-campus programs; at least you could get involved in the activities, networking, and resources.

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