UK Naric does accept/evaluate DEAC degrees

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    Hi All

    a while back I e-mailed Brenda L Amaya at the DEAC (She is the accrediation coordinator) about the status regarding UK Naric accepting DEAC degrees. She told me she will investigate and get back to me.

    Yesterday I received a e-mail from Kimberly Cook who is the Manager of Institutional Review at the DEAC. She told me that she was in contact with UK Naric, and this is their response to her:

    “I can confirm that UK NARIC references the list of regional and national accreditation bodies that are recognised by the US Department of Education. On this basis, where a US higher education institution is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission, its qualifications will be recognised by UK NARIC. ”

    So this is really good news for people with DEAC degrees, that wishes to go to the UK for work/study purposes.

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