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    Ok, from my google search and forum search of both here and our sister site.

    The only detail i managed to get regarding uexcel to tesc was from Lindagerr at the other site.

    Natural Science:

    Biology BIOX-210* Anatomy & Physiology (506) 6.0 / L
    Biology BIOX-220* Microbiology (558)3.0 / L
    Biology BIOX-410* Pathophysiology (584)3.0 / U


    Business BUSX-315* Organizational Behavior (435)3.0 / U
    Business BUSX-360* Labor Relations (538)3.0 / U
    Business BUSX-410* Human Resource Management (486)3.0 / U

    Education EDUX-310* Literacy Instr in the Elementary School (565)6.0 / U
    English ENGX-111 English Composition (434)6.0 / L
    Geology GEOX-101 Earth Science (415)3.0 / L
    History HISX-340 World Conflicts Since 1900 (512)3.0 / U
    History And Social Science HSSX-420 American Dream (460)6.0 / U
    Humanities HUMX-310 Bioethics: Philosophical Issues (413)3.0 / U
    Music MUSX-101 Introduction to Music (414)3.0 / L
    Philosophy PHIX-101* Introduction to Philosophy (416)3.0 / L
    Philosophy PHIX-310* Ethics: Theory & Practice (484)3.0 / U

    Social Science/History:
    Psychology PSYX-210* Life Span Developmental Psychology (583)3.0 / L
    Psychology PSYX-310* Abnormal Psychology (459)3.0 / U
    Psychology PSYX-315* Psychology of Adulthood & Aging (485)3.0 / U
    Psychology PSYX-325* Social Psychology (412)3.0 / U
    Psychology PSYX-365* Research Methods in Psychology (436)3.0 / U
    Sociology SOCX-305 Cultural Diversity (545)3.0 / U
    Sociology SOCX-310* Foundations of Gerontology (407)3.0 / U
    Sociology SOCX-320 Juvenile Delinquency (411)3.0 / U
    Sociology SOCX-330* World Population (487)3.0 / U

    Are the below courses acceptable by TESC and do you have any idea if they are considered Upper or Lower Level Credit?
    BUSX350- Principle of Finance
    ACCX-212- Managerial Accounting
    BUSX240- Principle of Management
    BUSX250- Principle of Marketing
    PSYX101- Introduction to Psychology
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    Also if you have received credit from Uexcel which was accepted by TESC please mention it here as i would like to try and build a Master List.

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