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    U18 out of India offers many degrees online to foreign nationals.


    Post Graduate Programs:

    Eligibility For MA/ MBA: A graduate in any stream from a recognized University / 15 Years of formal education is case of Foreign Nationals.
    Duration: 2 years

    1. Master of Arts (Education)
    2. Master of Arts (Human Rights)
    3. Master of Arts (Mass Communication)
    4. Master of Commerce
    5. Master of Social Work
    6. MBA in General management
    7. MBA in Educational Administration
    8. MBA in Social Work Management
    9. MBA in Operations
    10. MBA in Supply Chain
    11. MBA in Human Resource
    12. MBA in Finance
    13. MBA in Marketing
    14. MBA in Entrepreneurship Management-
    15. MBA in Technology Management
    16. MBA with Dual Specialization - You can opt for 2 specializations out of the following:
    • Operations
    • Supply Chain
    • Human Resource
    • Finance
    • Marketing
    • Project
    18. Master of Science (Information Technology)

    Eligibility for M.Sc IT - Candidates who have done BCA, BIT, BE/B.Tech /AMIE/B.Sc(C.Sc)/B.Sc (IT) from a recognized University OR Bachelor’s Degree in any Discipline with more than two years of experience in IT industry

    Duration: 2 Years

    19. Master of Computer Applications

    Eligibility for MCA: Candidates who have done BCA,BIT,BE/B.Tech /AMIE/B.Sc(C.Sc)/B.Sc (IT) from a recognized University or Bachelors Degree in any discipline with more than four years of experience in IT industry.

    Duration: 3 Years
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    Anyone else give up on finding tuition and fees? It's rare a good sign when one must enquire to find that out.
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    Steve, I've attached a screenshot of the most recent (December 2018) tuition fee breakdown for the MSW. Idk if other programs are cheaper but I doubt it. U18 used to be affordable. I earned my MBA from Assam Don Bosco University through U18 for about $1700 in tuition. I paid other fees like provisional certificate which was $75, degree certificate which was $150 plus $50 for regalia with logo and cap. I didn't attend the ceremony but wanted to dress up in my regalia and take pics nonetheless.

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    Not to mention that all of the entries in both the News and Blog sections of the web site are from 2013 and 2014.

    Added to Steve's findings, I'd say that this makes them appear to be a sham.

    A-ha! I was hoping Chris would chime in, although I didn't realize his involvement with U18 would be so direct.

    The obvious questions are: What, if any, is the price difference between going through U18 versus going directly through Assam Don Bosco University? And what, if any, is the advantage to going through U18?

    BTW . . . $150 for a "degree certificate" (presumably a diploma)? Whoa . . .
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    Steve, there's no price difference because U18 is the only channel. Once you click distance learning on Don Bosco's main website, it takes you to the DBU Global page where the U18 staff operates. The Distance Education Bureau of the University Grants Commission (UGC), India stipulates that no program should be offered as a franchise arrangement.

    "no university, whether central, state, private or deemed, can offer its programmes through franchising arrangement with private coaching institutions even for the purpose of conducting courses through distance mode;" (UGC).

    So, what Assam Don Bosco did was to make a lot of changes to become compliant. They designated Fr. (Dr.) Joseph Nellanatt, the Pro Vice-Chancellor as the Director of Distance Learning. The UGC requires a university full-time staff/faculty to be responsible for the distance learning programs. Previously, the U18 founder, Mr.Raunak Singh Ahluwalia, was the man in charge. Now, he's designated as the Executive Director of CODE (Center for Online & Distance Education).

    They also moved to change their website from www.dbuglobal.com to www.dbuniversity.ac.in/dbuglobal/ They also changed the U18 staff's email address from @dbuglobal to the @code.dbuniversity.ac.in They made a U18 staff the head of online admissions. The distance learning office is based at the Azara campus of Assam Don Bosco University.

    The degree certificate is the diploma. It was pretty expensive but then I realized a lot of college in the U.S. charge over $100 for degree conferral fees. I got both provisional and final certificates because I needed to have my degree evaluated in the U.S. and I was required to either have the provisional or final. ADBU confers degrees in September so I had to get the provisional because I completed in December. The degrees can be verified at http://www.dbuniversity.ac.in/verify/ My picture, major, degree level, and my parents name pops up. They are weird in India, my parents name even appear on my provisional certificate. "Certify that Chris, Son of XYZ and XYZ has secured pass in the Master of Business Administration." lol

    My U18 experience was awesome. The support was phenomenal. They responded to my emails promptly, they were available for live chat and I could always send them a quick message and tell them to call me and they would. I guess they had some kind of VOIP # because they'd call from U.S. area codes. The beauty was that I didn't have to pay international calling rates. I made half of my tuition payment upfront as required but I was having difficulty making the remaining half when it was due. They were very understanding and put me on a payment plan. I absolutely love U18.

    I have nothing bad to say about them... oh no, wait. Yes, some of the exam proctors were a little uncivil. They'd threaten me before the exam starts by saying "let me warn you, if you open any programs or documents, your exam will be canceled." I'm sure there was a more professional way to get their point across. However, all followed the same protocol. I had to give them a 360 view of my room, show my ID, and gave them remote access to my screen while taking the exam. It is by far the most stringent procuring I've encountered.
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    DBU doesn't have a program that is of interest to me but if they did I would have become a student with them. I think Chris’s experience with dbu should be comforting to future students.
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    Chris, son of XYZ..... thanks for sharing. It sounds like a cool environment. I think the pressure of doing well in education in India drives people to do questionable things and is likely why they are so strict about cheating.
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    Anamalai is open to foreign students taking online courses. I have been reviewing many Educational institutions in India; my opinion, India may be ready to dominate online learning worldwide. It is Malaysia's intention to be a hub for education but they seem to be moving slowly. Amity now have branches in England.
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    Amity is regionally accredited by WASC and holds IACBE accreditation as well. I guess that's why they are so expensive.
  11. chrisjm18

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    Don Bosco University has been doing great things! These are just a few of its recent awards. See more at www.dbuniversity.ac.in



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