U.S. Navy -Fun Facts - Captains Mast & Office Hours Warrant Officers

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    Rather than remark on the ongoing thread. I'm starting a new one.

    1. Military personnel attached to a vessel do not have the right to trial by court martial.
    2. For a long time, All Navy Warrant Officers were commissioned. No W-1s. Things change. The Navy's solution to the 'notch' aviator shortage was to institute the Warrant Officer Pilot program. The cool thing for the Warrant Officer pilots is they will just be pilots, and not burdoned with Division Officer and Department Head Responsibilities.https://www.navy.mil/Press-Office/News-Stories/Article/2676584/navy-announces-initial-aviation-warrant-officer-selection-board/#:~:text=Over the next six to,of roughly 450 aviation warrants.&text=Upon graduation, they will commission,the MQ-25 aerial vehicle.

    Bonus fact: Rear Admirals. In the past, Navy 0-7s and O-8s wore two stars. Major Generals in the other services got jealous and complained. So, now the U.S. Navy has Rear Admiral Lower Half(O-7) and Rear Admiral Upper Half (O-8)

    Trivia Challenge:

    Who was the only U.S. Six Star General?
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  3. Charles Fout

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    At some point the pilot shortage no longer existed and the Warrant Officer Pilot program was cancelled.


    NB This was a completely different program than theUAS pilot program initially referenced.
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    [QUOTE="MasterChief, post: a
    Just going to say I had the pleasure of Captain's Mast and escaped with a suspended bust. Scared the living crap out of me, but I honestly deserved it![/QUOTE]

    Now, I am not going to tell on myself.
    I retired after twenty-one years.
    No broken service. I was in sixteen years before I ever had gold chevrons + rocker and service stripes. This old Chief loved walking around in my dress blues with all of that scarlet on my left sleeve.
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    George Washington, retroactively promoted.
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    Yes, they went from captain to Rear Admiral, skipping over the 1-star grade. But they were paid 1-star pay. For awhile there, the Navy switched back to calling 1-stars "Commodore," but the Navy got complaints because they felt that title, not being an "admiral," sounded inferior to the other services' 1-stars, who were (brigadier) generals. So back came that upper/lower nonsense.
    For those who don't know, "captain's mast" is the navy's term for Article 15, nonjudicial punishment. It's offered in lieu of court-martial, particularly for low-level offenses. For example, almost all purely military offenses (things that would not be a crime outside the military) are handled with non-judicial punishment. Not all, like desertion, but most. Other petty crimes, too, like shoplifting or bouncing checks.
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    You are correct, sir.
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    And Pershing? He's the only other one ever promoted to General of the Armies....
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    In truth, neither was a "six-star" general. No one has worn six stars. Pershing never wore more than 4, and Washington was a lieutenant general (3-stars). Pershing was promoted to "General of the Armies" and paid more than other generals, but he didn't change his insignia.

    It's all rather arcane.
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  12. Charles Fout

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    Right now, U.S. Navy one stars are Rear Admiral Lower Half (Paygrade O-7)
    Two stars are Rear Admiral Upper Half (Paygrade O-8)
    Commodore is a title often given to a Navy captain. The Commander of a Destroyer Squadron or a Submarine Squadron will have the title Commodore but, still hold the rank of Captain (Paygrade O-6).

    Regarding Shipboard Captain's Mast, There is be no in lieu of. Should a ship's commanding officer decide to award non-judicial punishment, non-judicial punishment will be awarded. Also unique to members atached to a vessel, the commanding officer may award confinement and only bread and water for sustanence.
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    That Commodore thing...for a time during my service a Commodore Admiral was a one star flag officer but a Commodore per se was a senior Captain in a particular job. For some reason I seem to recall that the Navy went back to Rear Admiral lower half and two stars for O-7. Don't know if that's true though. Furthest I ever got was O-5.
  14. Rich Douglas

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    That is what happened. As I understand history, a commodore was in charge of more than one ship. Not quite an admiral, but no longer a captain. But when modern grades were developed, the commodore was the odd grade out. In the Army, Navy, and Air Force, all flag officers (one- through 4-star) are generals. But the Navy had this one-star commodore thingy. So, what they started doing was promoting captains to Rear Admiral, splitting the grade into Upper (O-8) and Lower (O-7) halves. Those their pay was different, they all wore two-star insignia.

    The Navy finally succumbed to pressure and reinstated the one-star insignia, calling those officers "commodores" again. But the same old problem of being an "admiral-lite" resumed. Commodores were equal to Brigadier Generals, but they didn't have the comparable title of "admiral." Oy vey. So, back to the Upper/Lower Read Admiral thingy, but the Lower Halves wear one star.

    This all could have been resolved by a 30-minute brainstorming session headed by someone skilled in branding to come up with a separate name for their one-stars that evoked the title "admiral. How hard could that have been? (And, in a nod to another thread, not "Warrant Admiral," please! :eek:)
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    Yeah, O-7 gets one star now but the Rear Admiral title I see.

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