U. of Arizona aquires Ashford U.

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  1. nomaduser

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    I think I will forget about this UoA online and Global Campus. They're not worth it. lol UoA online won't take more than 60 transfer credits. You can end up paying $30k for a degree that is offered through their 'Extended campus' lol

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    The Universities do guarantee....that your tuition must be paid in full. :D
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  3. Neuhaus

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    I would not be shocked if we saw more of these as well established schools strive to claim more market share.

    The cool thing about it is that, for all I know, one day I can trade my CTU diploma in for a Colorado State Global diploma or something. I'm happy with it as it is. As long as they don't pull a Trident I'll be content.
  4. Dustin

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    What did you need to apply to that program, what was the experience like? I know you didn't attend but I'm considering Data Science/Business Analytics Masters programs.
  5. Dustin

    Dustin Well-Known Member

    I went to their website and had to click around for a while before I found the information about the cost per credit hour, they buried it on the page (https://www.uagc.edu/tuition-financial-aid)

    $510 a credit, or $61,200 for a Bachelor's degree. Compare to $275 at APUS. University of Northern Iowa (a local option for me) at $320. Walden at $335. Capella at $357.

    What are the state and local schools missing? What are schools like the school FKA Ashford doing that helps overcome resistance to spending 60K on a Bachelor's degree, saddling someone with a loan payment of nearly $700 a month for a decade? It should be an easy sell to get someone to do an online degree at a local school for much cheaper. Is it a lack of accessibility, that the programs simply offered at those local schools or is it that they aren't doing a good job of marketing themselves? Maybe both?

    I saw so many late-night Everest commercials before they got shut down, but never saw any commercials for the much cheaper public schools in the same area.
  6. lawrenceq

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    Interesting. I've seen a lot of Purdue Global commercials on TV lately and I live in Alabama. I don't think I've seen any commercials from local state schools about their online programs, which is what the post above touched on. I have seen quite a few billboards advertising nontraditional, weekend and night school programs.
  7. nomaduser

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    UoA Global Campus is now an official partner of Study.com
    They guarantee transfer of study.com credits.

    You can transfer max 75 study.com credits to UoA global campus.
    That'll leave you 45 credits to be completed through UoA global campus.
    Each of their credit will cost $500... so you can get UoA global degree for min $22,500 + study.com fees.
  8. Dustin

    Dustin Well-Known Member

    The "online" campus charges $500 per credit hour. The "distance" campus charges $350 per credit hour.

    I wonder, what's the difference?
  9. nomaduser

    nomaduser Active Member

    I think they told me the diploma will be different.
    The "online" campus students will be getting the same campus diploma. Their transcript might say the courses were taught through "extended campus".
    The "global" campus students will get a "global campus" diploma that will say it was earned through their "global" campus.
  10. nomaduser

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    Purdue University Global campus students will get this kind of diploma.
    They don't get the original Purdue University diploma.
  11. nomaduser

    nomaduser Active Member

    And the global campus tuition fee is $510 per credit:

    It's not that cheap. After you transfer 90 credits, you'll still be charged $15k USD.
    You can transfer max 75 credits from study.com.
  12. Dustin

    Dustin Well-Known Member

    Maybe since they just made the acquisition they haven't added the Global campus to the tuition calculator. (Here's the one I used: https://tuitioncalculator.fso.arizona.edu/#/?0=term&0=181&1=campus&1=Online Campus&2=career&2=Undergraduate&3=title&3=Bachelor of Arts in Psychology&preview=false)

    That would make 3 options then: Online @ $500, Distance @ $350, and Global (FKA as Ashford) @ $510

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  13. SteveFoerster

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  14. JoshD

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    Hey! Sorry, I have been super busy finishing up finals for the term.

    I needed the typical things such as transcripts, personal statement, Kira Video Interview, LORs, etc. When looking at programs, I would make sure you know exactly what you want to do as Data Science and Business Analytics are separate fields. Data Science is the study of data using statistical tools whereas business analytics is the analysis of data to make effective data-driven business decisions. I know it sounds similar but even my Programming instructor this term, who has his MS in Statistics from Duke, said that most Data Science programs do not teach one how to derive insights.
  15. Dustin

    Dustin Well-Known Member

    Interesting! This is something I haven't heard before. Those programs are frequently grouped together. It sounds like Data Science gives you the statistical background to understand the data, but not the business background to choose the hypotheses that are important or the changes to make to improve the variable under consideration, while Business Analytics perhaps includes less math and programming and replaces that content with business-decision-making?
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  16. nomaduser

    nomaduser Active Member

    Their enrollment advsior confirmed that this new 'Global Campus' will issue a different diploma that will say it's UoA Global Campus.
    So this is kinda like Purdue Global which comes with a different Purdue Global diploma.

    All degrees earned through this program will be 'UoA Global Campus' degree. This is different from their online program which will give you the same UoA diploma.
  17. Dustin

    Dustin Well-Known Member

    I know Purdue students are (or were) really nervous about Purdue Global watering down the reputation of a Purdue degree but that hasn't really come to pass. I'm sure there are administrative reasons for the differentiation (like Purdue did with Kaplan they're probably keeping Ashford intact and just adding it as another college in their system), but it must be frustrating for graduates who might be mistreated as the "red-headed stepchild" of the UofA system.
  18. JoshD

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    Pretty well hit the nail on the head. You will notice 99.9% of Business Analytics programs are housed in business schools whereas Data Science programs are house in the Arts and Sciences schools. Dean Bill Boulding, the Dean at Fuqua where I am attending, called my degree program a much more technical MBA of sorts. That is essentially what a good business analytics degree is. You get business foundation courses while also taking technical courses such as Programming for Data Analytics and Visualization, Empirical Analysis for Business, etc.
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  19. William Alsobrook

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    [QUOTE="TEKMAN, post: Purdue University does not recognize PUGC as Purdue alumni[/QUOTE]
    Actually I believe they do I am a member of Purdue Alumni and went to PUGC
  20. Steve Levicoff

    Steve Levicoff Well-Known Member

    Huh? And again I ask, "Huh???"

    I love it when someone says, "I went to . . ." when, in fact, they did a totally online degree and never physically "went to . . ."

    Seems to me that the proper grammar would be, "I earned my degree from . . ." That I can accept. But if you never went there physically, you shouldn't say, ". . . went to."

    This is something I concluded when I went to TESC (now TESU). But, unlike most of their students, I actually did go to TESC on a regular basis for meetings with various advisors as well as exams. Moreover, despite the protestations of Stanislav, who has regularly accused me of having online degrees, online degrees did not even exist when I graduated from any of my schools. And, you betcha, those were the good old days.

    Therefore, I laugh. And I laugh again. And once again I say, "Huh?" :D

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