Two New-ish Online Doctor of Education Programs

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    My seemingly never-ending quest to find the right doctoral program led me to two new-ish EdD offerings. **

    Colorado State University Pueblo

    This one appears to still have that new car smell - Doctor of Education: Educational Leadership. Tuition is competitive, and the program offers a two-year completion option. I've applied and submitted all of my documents - I'm just waiting for my references to come through.

    Thomas Edison State University

    The old DL stalwart got into the doctorate game some time ago with a DBA offering but has recently introduced a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership, Culture and Change. I really like this program, but the tuition is a bit beyond my comfort level.

    **I've worked in higher education for 15 years, so a doctorate has always been on my bucket list but after a nervous breakdown in graduate school and a terrible experience in an EdS program, I've never quite made it there. Now, I have three children - the eldest is three years from college, while the younger ones are just getting started (first grade and pre-k). Tuition is a huge motivating factor (I have no tuition assistance). Any on-campus component would be challenging to fulfill and synchronous sessions would be damn near impossible. I'm also not interested in laboring for years in a program, so the ability to get it done timely is essential.
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    CSU Pueblo's distance education roots run deep.

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