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    Hello, all;

    As most of you know, graduate school by DE is all about writing, so we become fairly adept at it over time, or perish. From time to time, I help my colleagues with academic writing, since they are all going to college somewhere (good for them). However, one of my colleagues (who is in a PhD program) is very rusty with academic writing style, so I suggested some remedial writing help for him.

    Lo and behold, two opportunities presented themselves -Tutor.com in an APUS faculty e-mail, and UniversityTutor.com in a Google work search. Tutor.com is available at many universities and through individual subscriptions, and UniversityTutor.com is a site where tutors post qualifications, subjects taught, and tutoring fee per hour. I am not sure about the opportunities at Tutor.com, but UniversityTutor.com is wide open!

    BTW, Tutor.com is offered free to DoD dependent students.

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