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    These comments aren't negative; why would you think that? You are being helped by these comments! You see, by making these comments it may encourage you to actually do some research on your own, and in turn you gain some valuable experience that you can later apply to your doctoral studies. Maybe you can do your dissertation on the various tuition costs and how they compare to alumni earning ability. So not only has Kizmet helped you in gaining some experience, but he's practically given you a dissertation. I think you owe him some appreciation and an apology!

    "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." -Chinese Proverb
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    I just wanted to share this some information with everyone. If you received your Master's from Strayer University, you can save 20% on tuition on Nova Southeastern University's Ed.D. programs.

    From the Strayer Alumni site:

    This discount applies only to the Fischler School of Education and Human Services at Nova Southeastern University. I confirmed this with Strayer's Alumni staff, and Nova's Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences when applying to a Ph.D. program.

    Hope this will help someone out...
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    I did do some research, and I explain why I posted this thread, there are criticism and there are insults, and there are results. Someone took it upon themself to help and others were of no assisting and decided to type. The only ones that I appreciate are Ted Heiks, Steve Foerster and pooples, AND the only apologies I owe are to other people who find this thread a help to them, but are deffered by certain comments.
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    Well you're just ungrateful; and after all the seconds I put into guiding you and molding you into a studious researcher...
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    This conversation could go on for days
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    You are quite welcome! :D
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    cpatterson, I'm very dissapointed in you. You don't have Walden University in your list! :) As a Walden alum, I want to advocate their programs as much as I can. While I did not do their doctoral program (at least not yet, anyway), the masters program was great.

    Walden has 2 EdD's which may meet your Ed leadership focus. They are in teacher leadership and administrator leadership for teaching. Both the EdD programs are 54 semester credits and at $695 per hour, the program cost would be $37,530. It also has a 3-day residency, which is $640 and a per semester technology fee of $40.

    Walden also has a variety of PhD programs, but one particular in K-12 Educational Leadership. They say it can be completed in 8-10 quarters, and given their tuition of $4,280 per quarter, the cost can be anywhere from $34,240 to $42,800. The PhD requires 2 residencies, a 4-day and a 6-day which are $850 and $1275 respectively.

    Just a note, but keep in mind that all of the programs you've listed run the risk of increasing tuition along the way, so these dollar amounts could easily change.

    Good Luck!

    -Matt Brent
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    I want to add to that - Where is NCU? They have an EdD and a PhD in Education at a reasonable Tuition of only $560 per credit hour.
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    I believe that Kizmet is a she, not a he. ;)
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    My mistake! I sincerely apologize, Kizmet; I meant you no disrespect.
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    cheapest RA online/very short residency out of state doctorates- education or busines

    I am very grateful for all of the advice that I have read on many topics. I would appreciate advice on the cheapest RA online doctorate in education or business. I could look at very short residency too but I am living in Asia most of the school year.


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    Cost Per Course: $3,480.00

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